Equipment Financing by Brahma Lending and Leasing

Get Money for the Equipment You Need

When the time comes to purchase equipment for your business, you could run into any number of challenges:

  • You’ve maxed out your borrowing capacity.
  • You’ve already taken out multiple loans and hit limits with your banks.
  • You want to finance additional equipment without having it show up on your credit report.
  • You want to get equipment for a buyer but can’t do it in-house.
  • You’re looking to upgrade or get started in business.

How much $ will you make this year with new equipmentWhatever your situation might be, Brahma Lending and Leasing can help. Whether you have good or bad credit, we can work with you to get financing starting at $20,000 for almost any type of equipment.

Why Come to Brahma?

Traditional lenders usually have strict credit rules and very limited loan products. Brahma’s different—we have strong relationships with dozens of lenders all across the U.S. This enables us to offer you the best rates and terms.

When you work with one of our finance agents, the whole financing process becomes fast and easy. We can even help you get money for:

  • Titling
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Warranties

Many of Brahma’s customers got turned down by banks and other lenders in the past. Today, they’re putting their equipment to work and making money.

Brahma’s bottom line is this: If there’s any way you can get financing, we’ll help make it happen.

If you need financing to grow your company, fill out the

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